Brett Martin Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Brett Martin Social Distancing Floor Stickers

We have just supplied Brett Martin a selection of social distancing floor graphics to help them provide their team guidance to how to follow social Distancing.

Brett Martin Floor Graphics

These floor graphics were printed on our green printing technology HP Latex printers on R10 rated anti-slip floor graphic material. The material has a bubble adhesive so they are very easy to fit and bubbles can easily be squeezed out using a cloth.

Brett Martin Floor Graphics3

The floor graphics will also stick to virtually any surface – here metal. They will also stick to plasterboard, wood, brick walls and more.

Brett Martin Floor Graphics4

The material we use for floor graphics is very easy to fit and when the current situation ends they can be removed without leaving any residue.

If you would like to purchase floor stickers for your business whatever the size whether a few for a hairdresser or 1000s for you group of establishments we can supply.

Contact us on 01289 303242 or email

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