Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Window Film

Our solar control window file signage solutions provide heat reducing window coverage for your office or business premises, which in turn reduces your bills and conserves energy.

Information about our Solar Control Window Film Service

Heat reduction films can be extremely beneficial to office occupants as they not only reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass but can also reject the number of harmful UV rays by as much as 90%. This in turn can have a positive impact on heating/air conditioning bills as well as the efficiency of staff.

Office blocks and buildings which have a lot of windowed areas often opt for solar control on all of their windows to stop sun-glare distracting workers and eliminating glare from window facing computer monitors and screens. Solar control is the smart alternative to using sun blinds as it provides the perfect amount of light without it becoming a nuisance.

Solar control can also provide a level of privacy for lower or ground level windows. These are usually in silver or dark shades of green and can be used in conjunction with other types of window graphics to provide privacy or a form of advertising.

Examples of our Solar Control Window Film Service

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With over 27 years of experience we can find the solutions for your requirements to fit your budget. Using the latest in green printing technologies we can produce any signage or graphic requirements to the highest standard but also in a very green way. Whatever the size of project whether you need a livery for a vehicle or a complete brand redesign we can help you out.