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Recyclable Printed Promotional Banners

Polymesh Recycled Outdoor Mesh Banner

Fantasy Prints has a new range of Recyclable Printed Promotional Banners. These banners are made from a range of PVC free material which can be recycled. This can help if you want to have a more greener footprint. These banner materials still provide amazing colour vibrant images.

Terra Banner
Terra Banner

Terra Light 200 FR

Terra Light 200 FR belonging to the family of ecological fabrics thanks to its resin-coated 200g polyester composition to eliminate the marks on the fabric. This fabric is fire retardant and recyclable and ecological according to the code 1 standard in plastics. This ecological fabric has excellent colorimetry and savings in ink.

– Great elasticity.
– 100% recyclable.
– Fire retardant, B1 certification.
– Special wrinkle treatment.

– Luminous drawers.
– Aluminum frames for textiles.
– Pop Up.
– Decorative walls and stands.

Polymesh Recycled Outdoor Mesh Banner
Polymesh Recycled Outdoor Mesh Banner

Polymesh 40 FR

Polymesh 40 FR are ecological and recyclable 180g microperforated polyester fabrics with a special resin coating, resulting in a grid without PVC. Thanks to its Fire Retardant certificate and which is environmentally sustainable, it is ideal for outdoor applications that require a grid with a PVC-free ecological approval.
– 100% recyclable according to the international plastic code No. 1 (PET).
– Fire retardant, B1 certification.
– Does not wrinkle or fold.
– Lightweight, easy to handle and install.
– Use both outdoors and indoors.
– Indoor or outdoor applications that require an ecological approval free of PVC.
– Hanging signs.
– Banners.
– Cantilever exhibitors.
– Design and construction of stands.
– POS displays.
Recytex Banner

Recytex F300 FR

Recytex F300 FR is an ecological and recyclable 300g high density polypropylene fabric coated with polyolefin. 100% recyclable and fire retardant.
– 100% recyclable according to the international plastic code No. 5 (PP).
– Fire retardant, B1 certification.
– Resistant to breakage.
– Lightweight, easy to handle and install.
– Applications that require an ecological approval.
– Showcases.
– POS / POV displays.
– Exhibitions.
– Interior and exterior decoration.
– Facade covering.

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