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Light Boxes Outdoor

£ 357.68 Plus VAT & Delivery

Weather and vandal resistant makes these light boxes ideal for the external illumination posters. Featuring an LED lighting system, these light boxes remain maintenance free for up to 100,000 hours. They also use around 30% less electricity than traditional fluorescent tube lighting systems. An extra strong frame, hinge and locking system means that these frames are also safe from vandalism.

  • 55mm extruded aluminium frame
  • 40mm external depth
  • 6mm thick acrylic light panel back panel
  • Heavy Duty vandal and weather resistant frame- Ideal for external use
  • Bright and even illumination across graphic area
  • Energy saving LED technology
  • Strong 1-2mm poster cover
  • Available in a range of 17 stock colour finishes


CodeGraphic SizeVisible Size
LB23297mm x 210mm (A4)271mm x 184mm
LB24420mm x 297mm (A3)394mm x 271mm
LB25594mm x 420mm (A2)568mm x 394mm
LB26762mm x 508mm (30x20)736mm x 482mm
LB27840mm x 594mm (A1)814mm x 568mm
LB281016mm x 762mm (40x30)990mm x 736mm
LB291188mm x 840mm (A0)1162mm x 814mm
LB301524mm x 1016mm (60x40)1498mm x 990mm