Blueback Posters & Graphics

  • 115gsm blueback material
  • Fade-resistant inks
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal outdoor poster material

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Blueback Posters

Blueback posters have a blue back and can, therefore, be printed only on one side. This blue backing prevents posters or images underneath from showing through when pasting onto billboards. When used in windows these posters are non-transparent, which provides an extra dimension and quality to your poster.

Blueback Posters Material Overview

  • 115gsm
  • Outdoor material
  • Waterproof

Uses for Blueback Posters

Ideal for posters in pavement signs and frames. Can be pasted to walls and advertising spaces.

Alternative materials to Blueback Posters

Synthetic is a great material for posters for pavement signs.

EasyDot is a repositionable material than can be applied to various materials including, metal, brickwork, etc