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Based in Berwick-upon-Tweed, servicing the UK

We can produce all your exterior sign requirements including shop front signage, vinyl signs, commercial signs, outdoor retail signs, industrial signs, pavement signage and outdoor illuminated signs. Fantasy Prints provides all kinds of signage solutions and we can install in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Eyemouth, Northumberland, Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and if required all over the UK.

  • Fascia Sign, Vinyl signs, Shop Signage

    Retail Fascia Signs

    We use a variety of methods such as built-up or flat cut lettering and back illumination to make your fascia signage stand out.

    Individual lettering
    Vinyl graphics
    Frame signs
    Aluminium trays

  • Retail Sign

    Industrial & Commercial

    Our retail signs can be built up with illuminated letters for day and night impact or projecting hanging signs. They can be interior or outdoor signage and we have many options that are fully weatherproof.

  • Industrial Sign - outdoor signs uk

    Flat Cut Lettering

    We can cut letters and logos from materials like PVC, Metal and Acrylic

  • Wooden Sign

    Wooden Signs

    We can manufacture an install a wide range of wooden signs. We have routing machines that can engrave into wood directions or area sign information.

  • Illuminated Sign

    Illuminated Signs

    We offer a full range of illuminated signs including light boxes where translucent material is illuminated from the inside and internally illuminated signs usually with built-up lettering.

  • Post And Panel System

    Post and Panel Signs

    We can design, manufacture and install post and panel signs in almost any shape, size, height or design. These highly durable signs are ideal as information or directional signage and can be illuminated with trough or ground fixed spotlights.

  • Monolith Sign

    Monolith Signs

    Monoliths or totem poles are freestanding structures that can be constructed in many different materials and can be illuminated to increase their impact. They can be single-sided, double-sided, flat, curved, triangle or bespoke.

  • Plaques


    We design, manufacture and install unique plaques which can be stand alone or wall mounted. Plaques can be made from numerous materials including brass, acrylic, frosted glass, wood, aluminium, Perspex, slate, granite, bronze or steel.

  • Projecting Sign

    Projecting Signs

    We provide a wide range of projecting signs for all types of business and from traditional to contemporary in style.

  • Health And Safety

    Health & Safety Signs

    We offer the complete range of Health & Safety signage. From vinyl stickers to rigid PVC signs. We can supply standard health and safety signs as well as customising them to your specific requirements with additional information and logos.

  • Point Of Sale Signs

    Point of Sale

    We produce a full range of point of sale signage, designed to be lightweight and portable. It can be hanging, suspended, freestanding or wall mounted and can even be illuminated. Large scale panels can be made to any size or shape with the ability to integrate branded leaflet holders and product stands to give you a completely bespoke solution.

  • Door Signs

    Door Signs

    The door signs we produce can be as simple as a bespoke name plate or as intricate as a message display with multiple changeable parts that is fully illuminated.

  • Notice Boards

    Notice Boards

    Dry Wipe and White Boards are multi-purpose: they are magnetic so documents and other items can be attached.

    Available as single or double-sided wall or free standing mounted units, our noticeboards can be made in a variety of finishes including standard, satin, aluminium or a combination of colour trims. Boards come in a range of sizes and can have a water tight, weatherproof cover, they can also be lockable and illuminated from the inside.