An overview of…Embroidery

//An overview of…Embroidery

An overview of…Embroidery



A colourful selection of threads..


A single ‘head’ from one of our ‘Tajima’ embroidery machines..

The third in the ‘An overview of…’ series of blog posts casts an eye at our extremely busy embroidery department.

Our state-of-the-art Tajima embroidery machines mean that we are capable of embroidering up to a dozen garments simultaneously.  These impressive machines load up and are assigned threads to the colour of your logo.  They then carry out the embroidering work with extreme precision and consistency, allowing for complex and impressive works such as the embroidered patch below.

A complex and highly detailed sample!

A complex and highly detailed sample!

Our high temperature press ensures that any prints are of the highest quality, and that our specialist printer is right at the cutting edge of technology; allowing us to print multi-colour images to go straight onto garments, plus silver and white inks for a dazzling look.

Print applied to shirt..

There is no minimum purchase – making Fantasy Prints the ideal choice whether you want a unique single print for a sponsored run – or a huge number of garments for a professional workforce.

For any further advice on embroidery and what we can do for you please do not hesitate to contact our work unit, and ask for either John ( or Sarah (






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