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Our new Konsberg CNC Cutter

Esko Konsberg Cutter – Fantasy Prints has invested in a new KONGSBERG X CNC Cutter with Router.

Our Kongsberg X for signage has a MultiCUT tool head offering milling productivity and a camera system. So prints can be accurately cut to shape whatever the material they are printed on. From paper to acrylic, metal to PVC, wallpaper to magnetic material.

The MultiCUT combines all the tool insert options with a milling spindle up to 45.000 RPM. It’s perfect for a wide range of signage materials. The air-cooled milling bit assures edge quality during high-speed milling of acrylics and other synthetics. The switch-operated bit exchange eliminates the need for hand tools.

The camera system and innovative front-end software make it the perfect for signage production.

Our new Konsberg CNC Cutter
Our new Konsberg CNC Cutter

Our new Esko Konsberg Cutter