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Belle Dougall Paw-ce manager

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Full name: Belle Dougall

Breed: Yorkshire terrier

Age: 11 years old

Time at company: Six years

Job title: Paw-ce manager

Job description: Belle's key roles are maintaining order within the team and providing cuddles when necessary. She is also a part-time cleaner – she allows no food to touch any surface that she can reach, meaning she also has earned the title of 'lunchtime supervisor'. She is also tasked with greeting customers and melting hearts, which she takes great pleasure in.

Special skills: Spotting birds from miles away, successfully chasing away the bin lorry each week and hearing the toaster pop from another room and being at your feet before you can start buttering.

Favourite colour: Pantone 2707U and 7534c. These are Belle's favourite colours as they remind her of her favourite toy, 'Elephanty', which she has had since she was a puppy all those years ago.

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