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Very tall roller units!!

Northumbrian Quality Feeds very tall roller units Fantasy Prints has just made our tallest roller units to date for Northumbrian Quality Feeds – over 3m tall!!! […]

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Workwear advert 2!

Here at Fantasy Prints we like to utilise the talent that [...]

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Mia’s Minions!!

Mia’s pimped out wheelchair! This is the first time Fantasy Prints has been asked to put graphics on wheels of a wheel chair – but Mia wanted her Minions on hers so how could we refuse! […]

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Pudsey comes to visit Fantasy Prints

Pudsey visits Fantasy Prints Pudsey visited Fantasy Prints on his tour around Haven’s UK Parks to thank them for supplying the t-shirts to all the Haven Parks in the UK to help the teams raise money for Children in Need. […]

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View our new Workwear Advert


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